Idling to Rule the Gods

A while ago I tried out Unity and made a small game.
It’s free and playable on most webbrowsers if you have installed the unity-plugin.
You can play it on Kongregate:


It’s an idle game so you can play it while doing something else. You only have to do some adjustments from time to time.

23 thoughts on “Idling to Rule the Gods”

  1. 1.) It would be nice to be able to access the Updates page from the settings, so we don’t have to refresh if we want to check out some of the recent updates.
    2.) When you defeat Cybele and receive the title “Skilful God,” Skillful is spelled incorrectly.
    3.) In the description of the zombie monster, the sentence ends with a comma.
    4.) Under the “time offline” stat description in the statistics settings, the incorrect word “where” is used. It should say “were”
    5.) “Skill levels” description sentence under statistics settings should end in a period, yet it doesn’t have punctuation.
    6.) The description has an extra unnecessary “the”
    Hope this helps 🙂 I would be glad to help you with anything. I am a beginner programmer 😛 I’m learning terrible languages though… Construct2, Greenfoot, Alice, and Scratch. I know some Java and barely any JavaScript.

  2. The “create” screen even at very low frame rate seems to be extremely laggy after this most recent update that has been active for about a day.

  3. I think a good new “Skill” to train would be Telekinesis, and the physical to go with that could be to Wrestle with a Dragon/Tiger/Bear

  4. Maybe you could add slight changes to the depicted avatar on the left as the character defeats different gods. Let’s say every five gods defeated, the character changes his looks i.e. there is more aura pulses coming from him and his muscles get bigger.

    And on rebirth the picture resets

  5. Corrections under Susano O description:
    1.) oceans* (to keep grammar flow)
    2.) “a weather” should just say “weather” (To be honest I think you should change all of the “weather” to “atmosphere,” as atmospheres are more needed for plants, not weather)
    3.) “its” should be “it’s”

  6. Corrections under Zeus description:
    1.) “gods,” should be “gods;”
    2.) “how the create the” should say “how to create the”
    Correction under Nyx description:
    1.) The whole sentence sounds kind of awkward. The following has more flow… “It’s boring with only a bright sky, and it’s hard to sleep. You now need to create the night.”
    Correction under Luna description:
    1.) Take out the “well” because it’s kind of an unnecessary word. It sounds better as “She only tells…”
    Correction under Jupiter description
    1.) The second sentence doesn’t sound correct and probably has some grammar errors.
    It sounds better as, “With your and his knowledge combined, you now might be powerful enough to create your own planet.”

  7. I personally have always wanted to make an idle game, but I’m still in my early stages of learning how to program. I’ve always had this idea of making an idle game that was combined with a tower defense game or an RPG, but never saw how I could implement them. Maybe you could be the first to create a popular one :O

  8. Hey Denny.
    Ich spiele das ganze jetzt seit einiger zeit. Ging auch grade noch. Dann kam ein refresh der page und mein Fortschritt is futsch auf Kongregate-.-

    1. Hallo Dero,

      das spiel bietet zwar eine Autospeichern-Funktion an, aber das Spiel hat keinen Einfluss darauf, wo der Speicherort ist und kann nicht sicherstellen, dass die Speicherdatei nicht verloren geht.
      In der Regel passiert nichts, aber in seltenen Fällen kann es passieren, dass die Datei korrupt wird oder gelöscht wird.
      In dem Fall geht der Spielstand verloren. Deshalb bietet das Spiel eine manuelle Speicherfunktion an, die auch genutzt werden soll.
      Darauf wird im Spiel bei jedem Start und in den TOU hingewiesen. Wer die Warnungen nicht beachtet und das Spiel nicht manuell speichert, handelt auf eigenes Risiko, den Spielstand zu verlieren.

      1. Hallo Denny,
        danke für deine schnelle Antwort.

        Also ich nutze immer den Export-Button bevor ich den Reiter schließe.

        Habe jetzt da der spielstand gelöscht wurde den Import button versucht und es ist nichts passiert.

        Schade, hat echt spaß gemacht.


        1. Hi Dero,

          alleine der Export-Button bringt nichts, man muss die exportieren Daten noch in ein Textfile speichern und vor dem importieren das gespeicherte kopieren.
          Hast du das gemacht?
          Falls ja, könntest du mir die Daten mal per Mail schicken? Dann kann ich mal schauen, was da schief läuft.


  9. is it possible to get a desktop version for this game?

    ive tried to use the addon “Live http Headers” which ended up giving me this link :

    but before the page finishes loading it redirects to here ='(

    sometimes i dont get to have internet so i like to run my idle games on desktop then just copy/paste the saves to my firefox directory when i get net again.

  10. Ryu,
    You haven’t updated the blog in about a year.
    What is the status of your new game?
    I would like to beta test it, like I did with Steam and Android versions of ITRTGs.

    1. You are right, I probably should write something in the blog from time to time…
      As for the new game, sorry for being so slow, but it is not ready for beta yet. I will need at least a few more months for that.

      Currently I’m working on the next update for itrtg first which I will probably release somewhere in the middle or end of march.

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