Android Version not optimized

Currently I don’t plan on making an Android optimized Version of Idling to rule the gods.
The current Version works on some Android devices, but it has quite a few issues.

  • Some fonts are quite small and hard to read.
  • There might also be some other display issues.
  • Scrollbars are hard to use.
  • Highscores and Kred purchases are obviously not working
  • Export and Import does nothing.
  • Offline calculations won’t work.
  • It is not really tested on an android device, so it might use too much cpu or memory for some devices opr there might be other issues.

Some people wanted the apk anyway so I exported the apk and uploaded it here.
I won’t upload it to the playstore because of above issues and I don’t want a half finished app in the store.

You are free to use and share it but use it at your own risk and don’t expect any support. You need to allow installs from external sources to install it.

Here the download-link:

Idling to rule the gods

2 thoughts on “Android Version not optimized”

  1. just tested this on nexus 5 running androud 5.0.1 … it’s awesome :O, id like to see export/import function thought…id love to load my original save file to the phone.

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