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Idling to Rule the Gods got through Greenlight!

Well that happened a lot sooner than I expected. Maybe the estimation of 10-60k votes needed I found on some websites is really outdated or Steam does not have enough games in the idle/incremental category. there isn’t even a tag for that in steam.

That is good for me on the one side (ItRtG made it easily through greenlight) and bad on the other side (less votes than expected means less players who will potentially play the game and most of them are from Kongregate. It also means a lot more work for me the next weeks).

Anyway, I will work on the Steam-Version now and will delay the Android-version until after I’m done with that.

Idling to Rule the Gods now on Steam – Greenlight!

If you want to support the game, please vote yes at:


It is the first game I submitted to Greenlight and I have no experience how many votes the game needs, but I found some Reddit posts from 2 years ago where they said you need about 60000 yes-votes.
I’m not sure if that is still valid, but I expect that I need at least 10000 yes votes and probably more yes votes than no votes.

Some people always ask how good or bad Idling to Rule the Gods does and how many votes there are, so I write some information about that here.

Idling to Rule the Gods started at 2016-03-10.

2016-03-10: 343 total votes: 147 yes votes
2016-03-11: 464 total votes: 220 yes votes
2016-03-12: 216 total votes: 142 yes votes
2016-03-13: 117 total votes: 81 yes votes
2016-03-14: 98 total votes: 68 yes votes

2016-03-15 – 2016-03-21: 214 total votes / 157 yes votes

Currently at 2016-03-21 the game has 823 yes votes which is 56% of the total votes.

As I have read that the first 3 days have the most votes by far and it will probably slow down a lot, I expect to have around 1000 yes votes by the end of the month and maybe I get 200-300 every month after that.

This means the chances to get it Greenlight this year are still quite slim.

However within this time, around 9000 people played the game on Kongregate, so only 400-500 ~ 5%  out of them voted for yes. This is a bit less then I hoped, but it also means, there is still quite a bit of potential for more votes.
If players from Kongregate will vote a bit more often, there might still be a chance to get it Greenlight within this year.

I will also probably make an Android-Version and maybe iOS-Version of the game before that and provide a Link to the Greenlight, so maybe that helps a bit, but not really sure what I can do other than that.

If you want to help the game to get it released on Steam please share the link. Also suggestions or ideas how to improve the chances to get it greenlight are always welcome 🙂

Android Version not optimized

Currently I don’t plan on making an Android optimized Version of Idling to rule the gods.
The current Version works on some Android devices, but it has quite a few issues.

  • Some fonts are quite small and hard to read.
  • There might also be some other display issues.
  • Scrollbars are hard to use.
  • Highscores and Kred purchases are obviously not working
  • Export and Import does nothing.
  • Offline calculations won’t work.
  • It is not really tested on an android device, so it might use too much cpu or memory for some devices opr there might be other issues.

Some people wanted the apk anyway so I exported the apk and uploaded it here.
I won’t upload it to the playstore because of above issues and I don’t want a half finished app in the store.

You are free to use and share it but use it at your own risk and don’t expect any support. You need to allow installs from external sources to install it.

Here the download-link:

Idling to rule the gods

Idling to Rule the Gods

A while ago I tried out Unity and made a small game.
It’s free and playable on most webbrowsers if you have installed the unity-plugin.
You can play it on Kongregate:


It’s an idle game so you can play it while doing something else. You only have to do some adjustments from time to time.

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my little Homepage about apps and games.

At the moment there are infos about my MP3-player app for Android.

See here:

The App is free and available at the google playstore:

Every time I will create a new app, I will post it here (about 2-3 times in a year depending on how much time I have and how complex the app will be).

Feedback and comments are welcome.