No Spy Music Player

A music player app for android.

Because I couldn’t find a music player – app I really liked (most apps require way to many permissions), I decided to create my own app.

They main goal was to be able to play music from all files on the device and to be able to create and edit playlists while needing as few permissions as possible.

I still needed two permissions to create this app:

  1. read from usb-files (to be able to read the songs)
  2. prevent the cpu from the device from going to sleep while music is playing. (This is needed after Android 4.4)

You can download this app from the google playstore:

This app is totally free without ads!

And now some Screenshots from my device with descriptions for the most important actions of my app.

First the home screen and the most important one.
Here you can:

  1. play and stop a song
  2. go to the previous song
  3. go to the next song
  4. toggle repeat mode the current song (if it is on, the current song will be played in a loop)
  5. toggle random mode (the next songs will be choosen automatically)
  6. click on it to change the image for the current song
  7. open the drawer to view the history of your played songs and some Info about the app
  8. swipe with the finger from left to right to go to the next view to list all songs on the device or for a choosen playlist
  9. swipe from the right to the left to go to the next view to list all playlist and to select a playlist


Now the next most important view where you can go with a swipe from left to right.

Here you can

  1. Chose a created playlist or create a new one
  2. After you have choosen a playlist, you can add new songs with the + Button.
  3. The play-Button will play the song.
  4. Here you can sort the list with some options to find songs easier.
  5. with a swipe from left to right, you will go to the next view to list and select a playlist (it’s the same as going from the home-view with a swipe from right to left)


The last of the main views is the view to list an choose your playlists.

  1. Press the play-Button to play a playlist with all songs in it.
  2. View all songs in this playlist, rename the list or add / remove songs
  3. Toggle to show in this View the playlists (default), the albums or the artists. All Lists which are not a playlist can be played like a playlist, but not modified or deleted.
  4. delete this playlist. After deleting a playlist, you have about 10 sec. to undo the action.


That sums up the most important features of my app. There is also a widget and some other things, but most should be self-explanatory.

Then have fun with my app!

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